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Bhojpuri Breakthrough Available Now

Bhojpuri Breakthrough A Movement that Keeps Multiplying by Victor John with Dave Coles The Bhojpuri Church Planting Movement began in the 1990s and continues to spread gospel light into the region of North India that has been called “the graveyard of missions.” Drawing upon dozens of personal stories of transformation from within the movement, Victor

Any-3 Now on Kindle!

Mike Shipman's Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime has already had a tremendous impact in the Asian Muslim country where it was first launched five years ago, producing thousands of born again Muslim-background believers and more than nine generations of churches planting churches. Already, Shipman's book has broken into Amazon's best-seller list for books on Evangelism and

What Jesus Started

Steve Addison's new book What Jesus Started won't be available to the general public until January 2013. But as a special offer to, Steve is extending a pre-publication offer of the book for half price until November 30th. We caught up with Addison for this early look at this book. David Garrison Interview with

T4T: Going Global

T4T is going global. Since its publication in the Spring of 2011, Steve Smith with Ying Kai's T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution has been used by thousands of English-speaking disciple makers around the world. But T4T's impact hasn't been limited to English-language practitioners. Already, the book is either available now or soon to be available in

Greet the Church in Your House

When it first appeared in 1999, Dr. Victor Choudhrie's Greet the Church in Your House ruffled more than a few feathers. Defenders of traditional church planting and mission models found the book's ideas iconoclastic. I first met Dr. Choudhrie in 2002, while serving as a missionary in India. Even before that, though, I seemed to

CPMs in Latin America

At last count, mission researchers were tracking some 200 church-planting movements in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Latin America’s most dynamic movements are currently taking place in Cuba, where Kurt Urbanek’s new book, Cuba’s Great Awakening, describes their growth and multiplication. Now, three additional resources are available for Spanish-speaking CPM practitioners. David Garrison’s Church

Cuba’s Great Awakening

For years we’ve heard rumors of movements to Christ from inside Cuba. Now, for the first time, Kurt Urbanek has drawn back the curtain and shown us, in remarkable detail, just what God has been doing.  Cuba’s Great Awakening: Church Planting Movement in Cuba masterfully documents the astounding moving of God during a crucial period

Movements that Change the World

As soon as I read Steve Addison’s Movements that Change the World, I wrote Steve with the following comments: “Steve, I loved the book. Just finished reading your manuscript. I had to read it through in a single sitting, because it pulled me through from start to finish. Excellent work, brother! This will be a

Preach and Heal

My initial impressions as I read through Charles Fielding’s Preach and Heal was “Fantastic!” I found Charles Fielding’s writing style, wit, logic and application quite enjoyable. I was impressed with the way he has re-looked at the 10 universal elements in Church Planting Movements and, employing the lens of a “High School Chemistry Class,” re-presented

Good to Great, by Jim Collins. Harper Collins, 2001

As believers in Christ, we will always look first to God’s Word and His Holy Spirit for guidance. God can then lead us to have effective lives and practices for doing our mission work! But many of us appreciate when someone comes up with good information or guidance that may help us take positive steps

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