Cuba's Great AwakeningFor years we’ve heard rumors of movements to Christ from inside Cuba. Now, for the first time, Kurt Urbanek has drawn back the curtain and shown us, in remarkable detail, just what God has been doing.  Cuba’s Great Awakening: Church Planting Movement in Cuba masterfully documents the astounding moving of God during a crucial period in Cuba’s history. This inspiring movement has seen hundreds of thousands come to faith in Jesus Christ and thousands of new church starts. Congregations among Baptists alone have multiplied from 238 to 7,039 churches, missions and house churches in just 20 years. Among the Assemblies of God, the increase has soared from 89 churches in 1990 to 10,776 traditional churches and house churches by 2010. The author’s extensive experience in ministry in Cuba, his long-term relationship with the key persons involved in this movement coupled with his disciplined and professional utilization of statistical data and keen missiological insights make this a valuable resource for those who want to get a clear and inspiring picture of what God is doing through this church planting movement.

This fascinating, well-researched book provides insight on the Cuban believer’s adaptability and fortitude in the midst of enormous opposition. Kurt Urbanek’s book will be required reading for all who are interested in rapid church planting movements sweeping across an entire country. This spiritual awakening continues and promises even greater blessings in the days to come.

“Dr. Kurt Urbanek has spent years watching and learning the ways that God is at work in Cuba. This new publication by Dr. Urbanek makes a major new contribution to our understanding of Church Planting Movements in a modern, urban, Western, and Communist setting. Something we’ve all been anxiously awaiting!” — David Garrison, PhD, author Church Planting Movements

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