T4T is going global. Since its publication in the Spring of 2011, Steve Smith with Ying Kai’s T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution has been used by thousands of English-speaking disciple makers around the world. But T4T’s impact hasn’t been limited to English-language practitioners. Already, the book is either available now or soon to be available in nearly a dozen languages:

used by thousands of…disciple makers around the world.

Available Now:

German: <click here> Indonesian: <click here>

Spanish: <click here> Thai: <click here>

Korean: <click here>

Coming Soon:

Russian, Albanian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Chinese

Book cover for  T4T in Korean

T4T German-language   cover



Cover of Spanish-language T4T book





If you have partners or co-laborers or know someone working in one of these languages, forward this article to them, and help spread the global resource of T4T!