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Big Picture Strategies

Behind every CPM are intentional methods and strategies gleaned from scripture.  These strategies fall into 5 primary categories: Entry, Gospel, Discipleship, Church Formation, and Leadership Development.  How these strategies interact and work together to further Church Planting is The Big Picture.

Special New T4T Book Offer

Seventeen years ago, Ying and Grace Kai began a Great Commission adventure with the launching of T4T: Training for Trainers. A decade later, the most fruitful Church Planting Movement in history had recorded more than two million baptisms, 150 thousand new church starts and countless lives transformed into disciples of Jesus Christ. Since then T4T

Global Gates New Executive Director

Beginning January 1, 2016 Dr. David Garrison will assume responsibilities as the new Executive Director for New York City based Global Gates. Global Gates, with ministry in six North American cities, seeks to reach the ends of the earth through global gateway cities. Learn more at  For more than three decades, Dr. David Garrison

A Wind in the House of Islam

God is doing something unprecedented in the Muslim world today. Over the past 14 centuries, Islam and Christianity have engaged in a global contest with eternal implications. During the first 12 centuries, tens of millions of Christians were assimilated into the House of Islam, that broad expanse of territory encompassing more than 1.6 billion Islamic

A Handy Guide to Healthy Churches, Part 1

This article is written in two parts, both of which are supported by a PowerPoint presentation with notes that can be downloaded here. What do CPMs, Church Planting Movements, look like up close? What would we see if we went right down into the living room of a house church that was in the middle

A Handy Guide to Healthy Churches, Part 2

This is the second in the two-part article “A Handy Guide to Healthy Churches.” The article is accompanied by a PowerPoint that can be downloaded here. P-O-U-C-H In the palm of the hand we drew the five letters P-O-U-C-H to remind us of the kinds of churches we see in healthy Church Planting Movements. The

RAD: Rapidly Advancing Disciples

Looking for a practical field-tested implementation of the principles found in Steve Smith and Ying Kai's book, T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution?  Since 2006, RAD (Rapidly Advancing Disciples) has been used by church planters from South Asia to South Africa to multiply healthy churches and disciples by going both deep and wide. Drawing from Nathan and

The Four Fields of Kingdom Growth

If you have never read the The Four Fields of Kingdom Growth by Nathan and Kari Shank, you are missing out on a tool that the Lord has been using to effectively develop healthy multiplying churches.  Many of the Kingdom growth principles found in this short manual have found their way into a number of church planting tools

Some Practical Aspects of the 5 Parts of Jesus’ Masterplan

  In Jesus’ masterplan for the Kingdom found in Mark 4:26-29, we see Jesus lay out five sub-plans or parts that will be present in any Kingdom building or CPM strategy: 1) Entry, 2) Gospel proclamation, 3) Discipleship, 4) Church Formation, and 5) Long-term Leadership Development and Multiplication (For a more detailed discussion of the

Tokyo 2010 and CPMs

Between May 11 and 14 some 1500 mission leaders and representatives from nearly every continent (Antarctica excepted) gathered in Tokyo, Japan to commemorate the centennial of the 1910 Edinburgh World Missionary Conference. The meeting was striking for several reasons:

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