Ying and Grace Kai Training for Trainers No TextSeventeen years ago, Ying and Grace Kai began a Great Commission adventure with the launching of T4T: Training for Trainers. A decade later, the most fruitful Church Planting Movement in history had recorded more than two million baptisms, 150 thousand new church starts and countless lives transformed into disciples of Jesus Christ.

Since then T4T has become a global movement, spreading into every corner of our world. Today, for the first time ever, Ying and Grace Kai have written their own account of Training for Trainers, revealing the inside story and hidden wisdom that has made T4T so powerful and effective.

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If you enjoyed Steve Smith’s 2011 T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution, you’ll want to take a deeper dive into this amazing movement that has earned the title a ‘CPM Best Practice.’ In their new book, Ying and Grace pull back the curtain to reveal the life-changing insights that transformed their own lives before spreading out to impact millions. You’ll read first-hand testimonies of how T4T has been implemented across the United States, Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Secular worlds.

Most importantly, Ying and Grace share the spiritual secrets of Training for Trainers with life lessons that you can apply both personally and within your ministry. To listen to an interview with Ying and Grace, Click here.

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