On the Anniversary of 9/11

How will you remember the horrific events of 9/11? A tempting, and all-too-human response, is to harbor the outrage and resentment that naturally follows such an insidious assault. Following this natural response of "an

What is Discipleship?

Boil it down to its essence and Church Planting Movements are really about discipleship. For what are churches but communities of believers committed to a lifestyle of "obeying everything Christ has commanded." Too often

Pioneering Advocate for UPGs Dies

The Baptist Press recently posted an article about David Barrett, a tremendous missions researcher and advocate for unreached people groups (UPGs) who died recently on August 4, 2011.  His work has been instrumental in the development

A Historic Turning to Jesus by Muslims in Jedidistan

As early as September of 2000, formal reports reached International Mission Board, SBC leadership from at least three sources affirming that a significant number of Muslims were embracing Christianity in various parts of Jedidistan (pseudonym

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