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Church Planting
At its essence, church is a community of baptized believers who seek to continue what Jesus began 2000 years ago. The measure of a healthy church is nothing less than Christ himself!

Planting Rapidly Reproducing Churches

Dr. Curtis Sergeant is the Vice President for International Strategies for e3 Partners Ministries, and a veteran CPM practitioner. You can download a pdf version of Dr. Sergeant’s article here.   Introduction The principles in this article are gleaned from experience in planting rapidly reproducing churches in China. They were then tested through training, coaching

Why House Church?

Should every believer participate in evangelism? Of course, we all know that every believer is to share their faith in Christ. Should every believer do follow up? Yes of course. Should every believer make disciples? Yes that is clearly found in Mathew 28:18-20. Should every believer start house churches? You pause. Evangelism, follow-up and discipleship

Church Planting Is Messy

Church planting is messy, because people are messy. Four nights of every week are spent training four different groups of church planters. All are in various stages with their newly forming house church groups. Anyone engaged in church planting will quickly find they are up against some messy situations. We usually approach the tough messy

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