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A Historic Turning to Jesus by Muslims in Jedidistan

As early as September of 2000, formal reports reached International Mission Board, SBC leadership from at least three sources affirming that a significant number of Muslims were embracing Christianity in various parts of Jedidistan (pseudonym for a Muslim country in Asia).  The reports included news of the movement crossing the border into the countryside of

From an Urban CPMs Summit

In February 2009 a meeting was held of several urban church planting practitioners from nine urban centers ranging in population from three million to twenty-five million.  The selection criterion for these cities was that more than one hundred churches had been planted to at least the third generation. The goal was to learn how these

Tribal CPM in Middle India

An Indian national strategy coordinator sitting in an Acts 29 Strategy Coordinator training workshop heard the words of II Peter 3:9, “The Lord is not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” This message pierced his heart and he set out to apply the principles he learned in Acts 29 to see

A Church A Day

For more than 200 years Baptist church planting in this Indian state averaged one new church a year, but now the yearly total would be equal to an average of planting one new church a day.  Missionary work in this state dates back to the time of William Cary.  This Church Planting Movement is occurring

Bhojpuri CPM

One of the first Church Planting Movements that we identified was associated with the work of David and Jan Watson and their partner Victor John. You can read the original executive summary of that CPM that was conducted by the Southern Baptist International Mission Board in the year 2000 here.

CPM in a Small Chinese City

Missionaries in China use the term "Trailblazer" to describe front-liners who immerse themselves in the lives of their people, while working with Strategy Coordinators to catalyze multiplying house churches. See how one Trailblazer and Strategy Coordinator have teamed up with Chinese partners to stimulate a multiplying movement in a small Chinese city of about 750,000

Three struggling CPMs in China

Not everything happening in China is a Church Planting Movement. See how one SC (Strategy Coordinator) is struggling to overcome extra-biblical traditions and using CPM to help three urban and rural movements to build momentum. This 3-stream case study is a good one to analyze obstacles to CPMs and how they can slow or cripple

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