• In this book, you will hear from men and women from West Africa to Indonesia and everywhere in between. You will see how God is at work through answered prayers; dreams and visions; 21st–century technologies such as Internet, satellite television, video and audio tools; and bold Christian witnesses who have often paid the ultimate price for the sake of reaching Muslims for Jesus Christ. Along the way, you will also gain insights into the fascinating background of each of these nine geo–cultural rooms in the House of Islam.
  • A simple guide to Muslim evangelism drawn from John 4 that has seen more than 30,000 Muslims come to faith in Christ in Southeast Asia.
  • The Bhojpuri Church Planting Movement began in the 1990s and continues to spread gospel light into the region of North India that has been called “the graveyard of missions.” Drawing upon dozens of personal stories of transformation from within the movement, Victor John (with collaborator Dave Coles), guides us through insights and lessons learned along the way. Today, the Bhojpuri work is breaking through into neighboring people groups and marginalized social sectors, transcending language, ethnicity, religion, and caste.
  •  An introduction to and  global overview of Church Planting Movements. Lessons learned from more than two dozen church-planting movements around the world.
  • For years we've heard rumors of movements to Christ from inside Cuba. Now, for the first time, Kurt Urbanek has drawn back the curtain and shown us, in remarkable detail, just what God has been doing. Cuba’s Great Awakening: Church Planting Movement in Cuba masterfully documents the astounding moving of God during a crucial period in Cuba’s history. The author’s extensive experience in ministry in Cuba, his long-term relationship with the key persons involved in this movement coupled with his disciplined and professional utilization of statistical data and keen missiological insights make this a valuable resource for those who want to get a clear and inspiring picture of what God is doing through this church planting movement. This fascinating, well-researched book provides insight on the Cuban believer’s adaptability and fortitude in the midst of enormous opposition. Kurt Urbanek's book will be required reading for all who are interested in rapid church planting movements sweeping across an entire country.
  • The world was a very different place, nearly 300 years ago, when Jonathan Edwards wrote about events happening during the First Great Awakening. He responded to criticisms of that awakening with careful, biblically-based analysis of pros and cons of the events taking place. Current discussions about Church Planting Movements (CPMs) and Disciple Making Movements (DMMs) employ numerous terms not found in Edwards’ writings. Yet the Lord has not changed, the Bible has not changed, and the gospel has not changed. Edwards’ incisive and edifying analysis contains numerous insights that have endured through the centuries. The wisdom we glean from Edwards’ comments on the awakening of his time can shed helpful light on current discussions about movements taking place in our time. See for yourself!
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  • Doug Lucas is the editor of the highly regarded web-based missions clearinghouse and is the founding director of the pioneering missions organization Team Expansion with work in 45 countries. Doug has now turned his attention to Church Planting Movements and Discipleship Multiplication Movements with an excellent new book More Disciples: A Guide to Becoming and Multiplying Followers of Jesus. As a follower of Jesus, what's the one thing you can take with you from this life to the next? The answer: More Disciples! More Disciples is a practical, how-to guidebook that lays out a clear path for learning and implementing church-planting movement (CPM) and disciple-making movement (DMM) strategies and life principles. It includes in text form all of the concepts of the web-driven course, In addition, readers can go deeper at a companion website, Author and researcher, David Garrison, wrote, "More Disciples addresses head on the fundamental question: What's it going to take to bring the world to faith and discipleship in Jesus Christ? More Disciples takes the centuries-old-challenge and, through the grace of God, places it within our grasp."
  • In a 21st century pilgrim’s progress, Chris Clayman takes us on a journey into God’s Superplan. An encounter with Jesus propels Chris from his American Christian middleclass lifestyle into an adventure with God that leads him from Texas to Cambridge University to Muslim West Africa, eventually bringing him to discover God’s global gateways to the ends of the earth in New York City. Chris’s journey of faith will challenge read to live for Gods story instead of their own, and experience for themselves how God uses ordinary disciples to accomplish the extraordinary.
  • Lessons learned from the largest, fastest growing CPM in the world that saw 150,000 new churches planted and 2 million baptisms in a decade. We’ll draw discipleship lessons from this T4T text for group discussion.
  • This workshop can be completed in six one-hour sessions, taking a Christian from novice to experienced in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with a Muslim. Born out of the largest modern movement of Muslims to Christ in the world today, the Camel method will teach you how to lovingly share in an intelligent and effective way with Muslims. (DVD and 96-page "The Camel Rider's Journal").
  • Bridging from the Qur’an to the New Testament gospel. Lessons learned from a movement in Bangladesh that saw more than 100,000 baptized Muslim-background believers.
  • Ying and Grace Kai reveal, in their own words, the spiritual secrets that saw more than two million come to faith in Asia before spreading into a global movement. Training for Trainers is filled with practical application of how a discipleship-multiplication movement can occur where you live!
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