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Church Planting Movements, How God is Redeeming a Lost World (this is an ebook)


 An introduction to and  global overview of Church Planting Movements. Lessons learned from more than two dozen church-planting movements around the world.

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David Garrison, PhD University of Chicago, defines Church Planting Movements as rapidly multiplying indigenous churches planting churches that sweep across a people group or population segment. Garrison’s Church Planting Movements: How God Is Redeeming a Lost World signaled a breakthrough in missionary church planting. After the publication of Garrison’s book in 2004 it became impossible to talk about missions without referencing  Church Planting Movements. Church Planting Movements examines more than two–dozen movements of multiplying churches on five continents. After presenting these case studies, Garrison identifies ten universal elements present in each movement. He then broadens the circle of examination to identify a further ten common characteristics, factors identified in most, but not all, of the movements. He concludes his examination with a list of “Seven Deadly Sins,” i.e. harmful practices that stifle or impede Church Planting Movements. For five years Garrison served as the Associate Vice President for Global Strategy with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board (IMB). From this vantage point he had an unparalleled view of evangelical mission outreach in more than 180 countries. With the help of the IMB’s Global Research Department, Garrison was able to make in–depth studies of some of the world’s fastest growing movements to Christ. Important for evangelical readers, the author submits his findings to the scrutiny of Scripture to see how they stand up under the light of New Testament orthodoxy. What he discovers is that Church Planting Movements are much more consistent with the New Testament lay–led house–church movements that swept rapidly through the Mediterranean world in the face of hostile opposition than today’s more sedentary professional brand Christianity. Church Planting Movements contains, case studies, maps, graphs, a selected bibliography, a biblical index, along with a topical index. Readers will appreciate the lively and engaging style, while practitioners will value the practical lessons and applications. Learn more about Church Planting Movements from the book’s website: www.ChurchPlantingMovements.com. The website includes many free downloadable resources, including free booklets, PowerPoints, case studies, and articles.

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