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Real Lessons from Real Urban CPMs

In February 2009 a meeting was held of several urban church planting practitioners from nine urban centers ranging in population from three million to twenty-five million.  The selection criterion for these cities was that more than one hundred churches had been planted to at least the third generation. The goal was to learn how these

Church Planting Is Messy

Church planting is messy, because people are messy. Four nights of every week are spent training four different groups of church planters. All are in various stages with their newly forming house church groups. Anyone engaged in church planting will quickly find they are up against some messy situations. We usually approach the tough messy

What’s Good About Good News?

Christians know the answer to this question. The good news is eternal salvation in Jesus Christ. But lost people don’t always get it. Many, perhaps most, of them don’t even understand the question. If they did they would jump at the simple offer of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. A good place

Are You Connected?

The contrast could not have been more vivid. Training a team of mission leaders several years ago in Europe, one of them made an astute observation. “David,” he said, “it’s 11 a.m. I bet if we These missionaries had no direct connection with the lost…. telephoned everyone of our missionaries right now, we would find

Look What God Is Doing!

In Habakkuk 1:5, God said to his people: “Look to the nations, watch and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your day that you would not believe even if you were told.” More than 2,000 years ago, God was already instructing us to look to the nations – the peoples

CPM Summit 2010

I just returned last month from a very special meeting in Singapore. Assembled in a high-rise office building in the heart of Singapore’s ultra-modern financial district were 30-plus trainers, missionaries, and Church Planting Movement catalysts from all around the world. Participants arrived from Canada, South Africa, China, India, America, Switzerland, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, New Zealand,

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