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Loving Tebow…Loving Muslims

Ed – In the age of 9/11 American Christians have never had more difficulty understanding and loving the millions of Muslims that God has brought to their doorstep. How do you teach your American Christian friends to bridge that gap and love their Muslim neighbors? Joey Allen, a missionary serving

Tokyo 2010 and CPMs

Between May 11 and 14 some 1500 mission leaders and representatives from nearly every continent (Antarctica excepted) gathered in Tokyo, Japan to commemorate the centennial of the 1910 Edinburgh World Missionary Conference. The meeting was striking for several reasons:

Planting Rapidly Reproducing Churches

Dr. Curtis Sergeant is the Vice President for International Strategies for e3 Partners Ministries, and a veteran CPM practitioner. You can download a pdf version of Dr. Sergeant’s article here.   Introduction The principles in this article are gleaned from experience in planting rapidly reproducing churches in China. They were then tested through training, coaching

Jesus on Entry Strategies

Every Church Planting Movement begins with a meaningful way to tell non-Christians about the good news of Jesus Christ. We call this an entry strategy. Where an entry strategy is absent, no matter how theologically sound the Gospel presentation, no matter how comprehensive the discipleship curriculum, no matter how robust the leadership training, no matter

Purposeful Church Planting – Part II

GLORIFYING GOD THROUGH CHURCH PLANTING If you have not read Part I yet, it is recommended you do so prior to reading this article.Click here to go to Part I of this series. Now that we have a little better understanding of the glory of God, let’s begin to tie it back to the church

Choosing the Best Strategy

This article has an accompanying PowerPoint that you can access here. Few words are more overused, misused and abused than “strategy.” Who would dare submit a budget or funding proposal without the word ‘strategic’ liberally sprinkled throughout? But what does strategy really mean? How can we know if we are truly strategic? Lakota wisdom says,

What Are Church Planting Movements?

A Church Planting Movement is a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting churches that sweeps through a people group or population segment. There’s a lot more we could add, but this captures the essence. Rather than prescribing what could or should happen, this definition describes what is happening in Church Planting Movements. Throughout this website we

Purposeful Church Planting – Part I

Our tendency as church planters is typically to jump in, get to work, and make it happen.  While this hardworking attitude is commendable, using tools developed by others to plant churches without having a solid grasp of why, when, and how the tool should be used is like chasing after fads.  This can leave a

Why House Church?

Should every believer participate in evangelism? Of course, we all know that every believer is to share their faith in Christ. Should every believer do follow up? Yes of course. Should every believer make disciples? Yes that is clearly found in Mathew 28:18-20. Should every believer start house churches? You pause. Evangelism, follow-up and discipleship

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