The Apostle Paul said it best, “I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22, NIV). Paul wasn’t talking about compromising his faith or his testimony. His life and witness were so bold that he didn’t worry that someone might mistake his use of Greek philosophy, Roman poetry, or Persian mysteries for an endorsement of “some other way” to heaven.

What Paul wanted was “by all possible means” to “save some.” And Paul succeeded!

If we want to speak to Hindus about Jesus, we must be willing and able to step into their shoes and speak the language of their worldview. For most Christians, this is no small step! Few worldviews baffle Christians more than the ancient and complex worldview of Hinduism.

“by all possible means…save some.”

Yet within that complex religious system, missionaries serving in South Asia are finding bridges, talking points from within the Hindu worldview, that can lead them out of their South Asian worldview and into a biblical consideration of Jesus Christ.

The Vedic Bridge takes a passage from the Hindu scriptures and uses it as a beginning point to bridge Hindus into a conversation about how they can have a personal and saving relationship with the “God who is the giver of life” who offers to us His “sin-destroying light.” You can download a copy of The Vedic Bridge in English here.

Recently a Christian brother named Carl used the Vedic Bridge to witness to Ganesh, a Hindu that he met while out witnessing in the Indian city where he lived. Carl asked Ganesh if he had heard of a mantra which spoke of “the sin destroying light?”

Ganesh told him that he was very familiar with that mantra.

Carl then told Ganesh: “I have discovered what that mantra really means. I have experienced the sin-destroying Light.”

Carl then took Ganesh through the Vedic Bridge tract, and then shared with him the gospel. Ganesh accepted Jesus Christ and was baptized by Carl.

Then Carl challenged Ganesh to share about Jesus with his friends. Ganesh told his friend Palekar about Jesus Christ. Palekar accepted Christ and was baptized by Ganesh.

Carl is continuing to disciple Ganesh and to equip him to be the foundation of a new house church.

Though Carl had only been in India less than a year, he found using the Vedic Bridge was an easy way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a Hindu.

Praise the Lord that Ganesh and Palekar have now experienced the true sin destroying Light of Jesus Christ.

The Vedic Bridge is also available in Hindi and Bengali.