You may live in a European city, or somewhere in the Middle East, or perhaps you are on assignment in East Asia, or simply living in a suburban neighborhood in North America. The location doesn’t matter; what does matter is the relationship. You belong to God and He has placed you where you are for a purpose, that may have an impact on the eternal destiny of millions. Wouldn’t it be tragic to go through life missing what God is doing to redeem the lost world all around you!

“Being there” is only the beginning. Now that God has you where He wants you, what will you do? How do you get started? How do you join God in His mission to redeem the nations?  Even now, around the world, God is redeeming the citizens of this world into the community of His Son, Jesus Christ. Where this harvest is occurring most rapidly, we call it a “Church Planting Movement.” Researchers are currently tracking nearly 100 Church Planting Movements in settings all over the world.

In less than a decade, T4T had multiplied a small band of disciples into a movement of some 150,000 new churches with nearly 2 million baptisms.

One of the most dynamic Church Planting Movements in the world is unfolding today in Asia, through a mighty work of God called “Training for Trainers,” or “T4T.” T4T is not a Western invention. It was developed by an Asian-American missionary named Ying Kai. Overwhelmed by the millions of lost souls surrounding him in Asia, Ying asked God to show him how he could be more fruitful.

God taught Ying to go beyond his limited vision of planting churches, and showed him how he could train scores of church planter trainers. The result was what Ying called T4T, Training for Trainers. In less than a decade, T4T had multiplied a small band of disciples into a movement of more than 150,000 new churches and nearly 2 million baptisms.

Today, Ying’s T4T training is being adapted in communities around the world resulting in many new movements to Christ from Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and secular background communities.

Perhaps God has lessons in T4T that He can use in your own community. If you would like to see your church more engaged with proclaiming the gospel, discipling new believers and seeing healthy churches planted and reproducing, we invite you to learn more about T4T and ask God how he might use it to multiply new believers and churches in your own community.

Download a PowerPoint of T4T here.