God has blessed Nathan and Kari Shank’s Four Fields of Kingdom Growth training to ignite church multiplication across South Asia. Here, now updated, is the Shanks’ Four Fields.– editor

The kingdom of God and the church are inseparable. Wherever the kingdom of God has spread the church has served as its outpost providing follow-up and body life to the newly assembled resources of the harvest. Jesus uses the parable of Mark 4:26-29 to give us a living picture of the church planting process. The illustration borrowed from farming ensures its meaning can be easily translated and understood across cultural differences. In this way Jesus has locked the truths of the kingdom into a form that all peoples in all times can grasp.

Recognizing the essential elements for church planting is simply a beginning, putting them into practice demands commitment and discernment of proper timing. The proper organization of each element is also essential. Harvest never comes before sowing. Sowing never precedes entering the field. The timing and order for the implementation of such essentials must be understood and employed if harvest is to be obtained. Once again the process of sowing and reaping offers us all we need to know. Jesus weds the proper use of each element to the growing process and in doing so presents us with a priceless tool. Mark 4 shows us four fields leading to harvest. Understanding these four fields provides the church planter with sign posts for progress as well as a clear vision of the commitment necessary for harvest.

The Four Fields


Download the newly updated, latest version (Oct 2014) of the 4 Fields Manual here.