They say that the majority of the world’s unreached people groups are predominantly non-literate, posing an interesting challenge for a people of the Book like us. Further studies indicate that in this age of television, podcasts and hyperlinks, a growing number of Christians are post-literate, a term given to those who technically can read, but find little enjoyment in it or even reason to do so.

a growing number of Christians are post-literate

It was with this latter audience in mind that a dear Indian colleague of mine, Brother David Dass, recommended that we summarize my 2004 Church Planting Movements for post-literate and non-literate Christians who needed to know how God is at work in this remarkable manner. So, in 2005, with the kind assistance of a Campus Crusade for Christ studio recording team in Bangalore India David Dass interviewed me and together we walked through twenty topics from  Church Planting Movements, How God Is Redeeming a Lost World.

Perhaps you have friends or co-workers who are of the non- or post-literate persuasion with whom you would like to share the principles of Church Planting Movements. You can access the audio summary here:

1. Welcome

2. Why CPMs Are Important

3. Reverse Engineering

4. CPMs Around the World

5. Ten Universal Elements

6. CPMs and Non-Literates

7. Leadership Development

8. Fruit that Lasts

9. What Is a Church?

10. In Most Church Planting Movements

11. Contextualization and CPMs

12. How to Kill a CPM

13. FAQs about CPMs

14. Baptism and CPMs

15. POUCH Churches

16. Discipleship in CPMs

17. Muslim Background CPMs

18. Ten CPM Commandments

19. CPM Prayer Requests

20. Prayer of Thanksgiving

Happy listening!