Cuba's Great Awakening

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Cuba's Great AwakeningFor years we've heard rumors of movements to Christ from inside Cuba. Now, for the first time, Kurt Urbanek has drawn back the curtain and shown us, in remarkable detail, just what God has been doing.  Cuba’s Great Awakening: Church Planting Movement in Cuba masterfully documents the astounding moving of God during a crucial period in Cuba’s history. This inspiring movement has seen hundreds of thousands come to faith in Jesus Christ and thousands of new church starts. Congregations among Baptists alone have multiplied from 238 to 7,039 churches, missions and house churches in just 20 years. Among the Assemblies of God, the increase has soared from 89 churches in 1990 to 10,776 traditional churches and house churches by 2010. The author’s extensive experience in ministry in Cuba, his long-term relationship with the key persons involved in this movement coupled with his disciplined and professional utilization of statistical data and keen missiological insights make this a valuable resource for those who want to get a clear and inspiring picture of what God is doing through this church planting movement.

Movements that Change the World

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As soon as I read Steve Addison’s Movements that Change the World, I wrote Steve with the following comments:

“Steve, I loved the book. Just finished reading your manuscript. I had to read it through in a single sitting, because it pulled me through from start to finish. Excellent work, brother! This will be a valuable contribution to our growing understanding of church-planting movements, their history, scope and nature. I love the way you have woven together insights from sociology, history, Scripture, contemporary case studies, and even personal experience. I will be recommending this to everyone I know. Thank you for vividly reminding us, that Jesus did not found a religion, but a movement!” -- Editor

Steve provided the following synopsis of his book, Movements that Change the World:

Preach and Heal

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My initial impressions as I read through Charles Fielding’s Preach and Heal was “Fantastic!”

I found Charles Fielding’s writing style, wit, logic and application quite enjoyable. I was impressed with the way he has re-looked at the 10 universal elements in Church Planting Movements and, employing the lens of a “High School Chemistry Class,” re-presented them to us as parts of a common chemistry formula: 1) ingredients, 2) methods, and 3) precipitated results. Fielding presents a clever, original, simple and memorable case for CPMs as the inevitable result of the proper combination of proper ingredients and methods.

My initial impressions as I read through Charles Fielding’s Preach and Heal was “Fantastic!”

Charles Fielding’s brilliant Preach and Heal is one of the better books out on the subject of church-planting movements. Fielding takes a fresh look at the CPM phenomenon through the eyes of a medical missionary who passionately desires his physical labors to yield an eternal harvest.

If you've ever wondered how to blend Christ's commands to "heal the sick!" with his commands to "preach the gospel!" then this is a great place to start. If you are planning to incorporate medical missions into your CPM strategies – and this is a plan that needs to be done well -- then you’ll want to begin with a good read of Fielding’s Preach and Heal.

Good to Great, by Jim Collins. Harper Collins, 2001

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As believers in Christ, we will always look first to God’s Word and His Holy Spirit for guidance. God can then lead us to have effective lives and practices for doing our mission work! But many of us appreciate when someone comes up with good information or guidance that may help us take positive steps in areas where we are not experts.

…this path to progress will apply to almost any goal.

One useful book that has helped many people these past few years is Good to Great by Jim Collins. Though a secular book about business… Jim Collins and others quickly recognized that this path to progress will apply to almost any goal. What Collins outlined is practical and does not promote any “fads” or short cuts to help persons accomplish a vision. Christian author, and President of LifeWay Christian Resources, Thom Rainer adapted many of Jim Collins’ research methods in his book, Breakthrough Churches, (Zondervan, 2005), and found his steps apply to the field of church growth.