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Welcome to ChurchPlantingMovements.com. I’m David Garrison. If you’re a church planter, pastor, or just someone wanting to learn the best practices in church planting from around the globe, you’ve come to the right place. ChurchPlantingMovements.com is where you’ll find insightful articles written by experts actually seeing fruitful Church Planting Movements. It also houses a great repository of downloadable tools, links, and other resources. While you’re on this site, expect to find a passion for God’s glory and His Kingdom expansion along with insightful and sometimes brutal truths about current trends and developments. In addition, logon to our iron-on-iron forum. This forum provides you with an opportunity, not only to learn from one another, but also to dialogue with our panel of experts about your church planting questions. Our goal is to help you fulfill God's vision for your ministry. We hope you enjoy your time on this site and pray that together God will help us to expand His Kingdom to the ends of the earth.