Arabic Language CPM Resources!

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August found me in traveling several hundred miles through upper and lower Egypt. I met some wonderful Christian brothers and sisters who are vibrant evidence of 2,000 years of Christian history in this ancient land.

Four Great CPM Resources in Arabic!

As I shared CPM best practices, my Egyptian translators raced to translate my PowerPoint slides into Arabic. I now want to bounce these back to Arabic-language Christians in Egypt and across the more than 20 nations where Arabic is widely used.

May God multiply His kingdom across the Arabic-speaking world with:

Any3 - a best practice Muslim-evangelism tool from southeast Asia. Download here.

Global CPM Panorama - Look what God is doing around the world! Download here.

Healthy CPM Churches - A handy guide for healthy churches. Download here.

T4T: Training for Trainers - A CPM best practice for multiplying new disciples and churches. Download here.